Mule Grip for Plastic Frame without Locking Arm
Position Indicator
Mule-Grip™ Plastic Frames ONLY
Mule-Grip™ Plastic Frames ONLY
Mule-Grip™ Plastic Frames ONLY
Little Mule Bee Supply, LLC

Mule-Grip™ Plastic Frames ONLY

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Designed for use on all standard plastic frames sold today. The design has a specific shape to hold and handle plastic bee frames, even with heavier wall models securely and safely. Holding plastic frames in a uniquely designed grooved shape on all four sides squarely virtually eliminating any chance of slippage that might occur during handling or even weakening of your grip. 

This product stands out over all competitors in design, performance and quality allowing you the ability to hold at any angle without the frame slipping.

You will wonder how you ever got along without this product.

Extensive testing to its design was necessary as no standard tolerance exist for plastic frame edges from various suppliers. The MULE-GRIP™  for use on plastic frames took all this into account and accommodates these variations on bee frames being sold today.

Plus....  A Frame Positioning/Indicator Guide is included at NO additional charge. It's purpose is to ensure frames are returned in the same direction as they were removed from the bee box preventing damage to the comb and injury to bees.

A non-locking model is preferred by those who work quickly and do not need locking Simply place over frame and close by squeezing handles together. You will be surprised on how quickly it works and how little pressure is needed to hold the unit tightly around the frame. The double mechanical design increases holding strength requiring only 1" movement from fully open to closed around the frame.

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