Mule Grip for Plastic Frame with Locking Arm
Two Mule Grip for Plastic Frame
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Mule-Grip™ for Plastic Frames Only with Locking Arm
Clamping Knob
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Mule-Grip™ for Plastic Frames Only with Locking Arm

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This model was designed just for use on all plastic frames sold today. The design has a specific shape to hold bee frames, even the heavier wall models securely and safely. It holds plastic frames in a grooved shape on all four sides squarely almost eliminating any chance of slippage that might exist due to the unlikely event of weakening your grip while handling. 

Locking Feature – this product comes with a unique way to lock the MULE-GRIP™  securely around the bee frame.

First in the industry...A weather resistant phenolic clamping knob allows you to easily tighten the frame grip around the bee frame. You can now lift, handle, or place the bee frame aside with the frame grip attached in any position you desire. No longer a concern of dropping bee frames and damaging comb, killing bees especially the queen.

Refer to our video or instruction page for details and proper use.

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