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Little Mule Bee Supply, LLC

Mule-Grip™ a UNIVERSAL Wood and Plastic

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The Universal Frame Grip design can be used on BOTH Plastic and Wood Bee Frames from all standard Suppliers and Manufacturers sold today. It is the only frame grip designed which will firmly hold virtually ALL models of wood and plastic bee frames securely without slipping even while holding horizontal. (See Full List of Features)  

Wood frames are held on three sides squarely in the center of both ends without damaging the bee frame.

Plastic frames have a specific shape to cradle and hold the plastic bee frames on all four sides on each of the four scissor ends. This design works even on the heavier wall plastic versions.

And if that's not all a Frame Positioning/Indicator Guide is included at no additional charge. It's purpose is to ensure frames are returned in the same direction as they were removed from the bee hive. This prevents damage to the comb and injury to bees.

This model is preferred by those who work quickly and do not want to concern themselves with locking. Simply place over frame and close by squeezing on the easy light spring tension. Requires only 1" from fully open to closed around the frame.

Great product for all ages of beekeepers and hand sizes. Highly acclaimed by women, children, elderly, arthritis or other disabilities due to its unique features and capabilities. Excellent for mentoring.


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