Mule-Grip™ Wood Frame Grip
Locking Frame Grip Mule-Grip™ Securely holds frames without slipping.
Mule-Grip™  Special Shape Scissor Grips
Mule-Grip™ Cellulose Acetate Handle Fits All Hand Sizes
Mule-Grip™ Spring Inset for long life.
Mule-Grip™ Securely Holds Bee Frames on All Sides
Little Mule Bee Supply, LLC

Mule-Grip™ Wood Frames ONLY

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This model was designed specifically for use on wood frames only. It not only holds frames on three sides squarely, it also has a special tab to reduce any concern of slippage that might exist due to the unlikely event of weakening your grip while handling. If this is a concern, please consider ordering the locking model which holds the frame grip tightly around the bee frame and remains until manually released.

Testing proved more extensive as not all wood frames are the same width. Wood frames can in time due to moisture or sunlight loose shape, warp or expand. Our product was made to accommodate these variations from both manufacturers and the elements of nature.

A industry first Frame Positioning/Indicator Guide is included at no additional charge. It's purpose is to ensure frames are returned in the same direction as they were removed from your bee hive. This prevents damage to the comb and injury to bees.

The wood only model is preferred by those who primarily have only wood frames, want to work quickly and do not require the locking option. Simply place over frame and close by squeezing on the easy light spring tension. Requires only 1" from fully open to closed around the frame. That's all. The double mechanical action assists in holding the unit closed with very little hand pressure.

Can be used by all beekeepers (men and women) regardless of age, hand size or number of hives. Especially popular with seniors, those with arthritis or handicapped due to the ease of holding frames. High quality stainless-steel construction but weighs less than 12 ounces or .33 kg.

Models are available in wood only, plastic only and the popular Universal model that fits both wood and plastic frames.

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