Dealer / Distributors


Limited dealer/distributorships are available in select areas for both Domestic and International.


Join our Little Mule Bee Supply Beekeeping team as a Dealer. Be part of a company with a focus on developing new market changing products offering features to assist and improve the lives of beekeepers.

Our first product is the PATENTED Frame Extractor tool that works on BOTH wood and plastic frames called MULE-GRIP™. Available in locking and non locking models. See product features listed under their product categories.

Our second product is a closed-end Frame Holder released November 2018. Holds 3 frames and due to the design features frames cannot fall through. See the complete list of product details and pictures in this website.

There are several more products in various stages of development.

This is a win-win relationship building a network and growing together.

If you are interested to become a Dealer give us a call at 719-209-2247 or email to learn more. We have a complete information packet covering special POS store packaging, advertisement flyers, video, pricing that offers excellent margins, free shipping and more details.


         See our list of current distributors