Dealer / Distributors

Limited dealer/distributors are available in select areas.

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Join our Little Mule Bee Supply Beekeeping team as a Dealer. Be part of a company with a focus on developing new market changing products offering features to assist and improve the lives of beekeepers.

Our first product is a frame extractor tool that works on BOTH wood and plastic frames called Mule-grip™

There are more products in various stages of development. Our plan is to release 3-4 new products per year.



Other products such as jewelry, honey, Russian queens and accessories would be discussed as a separate topic.


This is a win-win relationship building a network and growing together.

Proper confidentiality agreement must be signed along with non-compete agreement.

If you are interested to become a Dealer give us a call at 918-231-3334 or email to learn more.

No affiliates are approved or accepted.