Customer Testimonials

Below is a small sample of customer responses to our products. When we attend trade shows or bee conferences the number of positive comments is overwhelming. 

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Hi, this is Eddie C. I bought some of your frame grips last night at the Drumright meeting. Just wanted to let you know I went out this afternoon and checked some hives the grips work great. I will not be using anything else. I will be telling the beekeepers that I know to be getting some of your frame grips. The grips that I have been using I was always afraid I would drop a frame and almost have a time or two.While using yours I did not ever get that feeling and like you said it don’t take much pressure from the grip of your hand to have a good hold on a frame. I have told before if you ever need help on your bee's let me know. I would like to come and check out your Russian bees. Now interested to try some Russian bees. 

Thanks for a great product.

Eddie C.


Hi Folks,

Just used my Little Mule frame puller with locking arm today and just wanted to say what a fantastic product you folks make! Being an older beekeeper with some arthritis.

Thanks, Mike S.

Nolensville, TN



 I got my mule grip and it is almost a work of art.

Thank you, Doug D.



I purchased the Mule Grip for wooden frames and am very pleased with it. My wife quit using the traditional frame grip due to being afraid of dropping a frame of bees, as she had some slip while using it. She now uses the Mule Grip with ease and is not afraid of dropping any frames. I, myself, use with ease and the locking device gives me a secure feeling of being able to look at both sides of the frames without worry of slipping. They are well worth the cost, for the security and ease of using.

 Owen J.



I have been a beekeeper since 1998. During most of that time I have served as an officer in the Northeast Oklahoma Beekeeper Association. Most recently as president until December 2016 stepping down after 10 years in that role. I feel personally qualified to discuss frame grips as being passionate about them and love the solution of the Mule-Grip product.

While not absolutely required the frame grip makes the use of removing and inspecting the frames easier. There are many styles of frame grips in the market and I used several them. The Mule Grip in my estimation is the best I have seen. They will be in demand throughout North America and in time find their way to international customers. 

This product will make an impact on the industry. The quality of the product will make beekeeping more pleasurable for those who enjoy beekeeping. A further plus is the product is made in Oklahoma/USA.

Some of the frame grips today are just terrible. So much as to aggravate my thumbs after just a few frames making it numb even while wearing gloves. These would pinch my nerves and my hand becomes very sore. Enter the Mule Grip and just looking at it reveals how comfortable it would be to use. Anyone who tries one will instantly see why this product would be a winner and a significant help to beekeepers. This product is the Cadillac of the industry for frame grips and yet quite affordable.

Edward L




The Universal Mule Grip is outstanding. I've never been a fan of frame grips, but I love the Universal Mule Grip. The locking knob, comfortable grip and compound lever action make it a joy to use, even with mixed plastic/wood frames.

I've also received OUTSTANDING customer service from Little Mule Bee Supply. They are clearly interested in developing quality products and backing them with top notch customer care.

Jay S.



I had a chance to use my new Mule Grip yesterday for the first time.  It was by far the best grip I've ever used, ten-fold.  Great tool.  Hope to see more like this in the future. 

Chris A.

Yuba City, CA



See YouTube Video Endorsement - Fred Dunn

Honey Bee Hive Puller - Wood and Plastic

Published on Jan 28, 2019

In this video, I review a new Bee Hive Frame Puller that compounds your grip and makes removing honeycomb easier and less messy. It's called the Mule Grip and works on plastic or wood honeycomb frames


Fred Dunn sent me to your sight and I ordered a frame holder. Thank you for the great products.

May 2019


As promised in October they had their beekeeping frame grips manufactured and ready the first of February. They emailed the customers that had signed up on the interest list at the October meeting. I was able to choose the model I wanted. Later I was notified that the grips were ready and could be ordered. I ordered from them and within a week I had my new frame grip in my possession. Along with the Little Mule frame grip, I received a very nice card and a charm or medallion from them thanking me for being their first online customer. They are the kind of people I like to do business with and I am glad their business is in the state of Oklahoma. Thank you Little Mule Bee Supply Company.

Clifford M

February 2018


Your lockable frame puller is an outstanding product! My frames were so stuck together during first inspection of the season that I would not have been able to pull them with an ordinary hive tool or an ordinary puller. The locked  Mule gave-me the confidence to p ut a little muscle 
on those frozen frames! 👍👍👍

April 2020


I promised you this after HAS last year and misplaced your card , found it, misplaced it and now have found it again….

 I just want you to know how much I love the little mule. I have the universal locking one and it stays so secure when I am lifting a stubborn frame. I would not go to the bee yard without it. I absolutely love it! Thank you for a great product!

 Sorry for the delay in getting this to you…

 Bev Larson

The Basket Lady,      Indiana Artisan,      Member Artists Own