• Fits both wood and plastic frames
  • Frame Holder
  • MULE-GRIP™ gripping wood bee frame
  • MULE-GRIP™ product family
  • MULE-GRIP™ Universal Frame Grips
  • Universal Locking Frame Grip

Introducing Revolutionary Bee Frame Grips Products

Superior NEW Frame Grips made for all Beekeepers to easily grasp, hold and manipulate BOTH (see advertisement link) PLASTIC and WOOD bee frames of ALL sizes.

Frame Holder - New Just Released

A unique closed-end design frame holder for 3 frames only. Prevents bee frames from falling and also restricts frames to fit through at any angle they are placed.

Bee Happy Jewelry

See the comprehensive list of jewelry products: Bracelets, Pendants, Charms, Earrings and more.