Reasons why you should own a Mule-Grip™ Frame Grip

  • It’s unique design uses a double mechanical advantage allowing a firm grip on the bee frame using less force. You can hold closed with just your fingertips.
  • All frames both wood and plastic are held tightly and squarely on multiple sides to improve hold, prevent slipping thereby prevent frame damage or frames slipping loose. You can even hold frames horizontally without movement. 
  • Hand grip from fully open requires only 1" movement to close.
  • Easily slides between frames in hive without pre-squeezing handles.

 The performance is amazing!

  • Each model size can be used for all types of beekeepers from commercial, to sideliners and hobbyist.
  • All Models deliver the same level of performance, holding strength and durability.
  • Made from rugged, durable 12 Gage polished stainless-steel not aluminum for long life.
  • The uniquely designed handle not only fits comfortably in all hand sizes from children through adults including those with big or small hands even while wearing your bee suit.
  • The Hand Grips are ¾” - 6 flute design to ensure easy ergonomic handling causing less hand strain with stronger grip. Made of Cellulose Acetate to resist heat, cold, rain, sunlight, breakage, etc. Even the color (YELLOW) was a preferred selection by users and assists in locating frame grip when set aside or on the ground.

  Nobody in the industry offers this value!!

Comes in Three Models to Match Your Needs (Not one size fits all)

MULE-GRIP  Universal Frame Grip

This design is used for BOTH Wood and Plastic Bee Frames

The only frame grip offered which will firmly hold ALL standard models of wood and plastic bee frames securely without slipping. Special scissor configuration designed for wood and another for plastic frames all in one unit.

MULE-GRIP  Wood Frame Grip

This design is used ONLY on Wood Bee Frames

If you ONLY use wood bee frames and desire a superior frame grip this product is for you. Not only holds on three sides but squarely wraps the frame to prevent slippage. An extra tang was added to catch the frame if you reduce your grip.

MULE-GRIP  Plastic Frame Grip

This design is used ONLY on Plastic Bee Frames. Specifically designed to hold ALL standard styles of plastic bee frames, even the heavy models. Grips frames in special designed grooved shapes thereby enclosing the frame firmly on top, sides and bottom. 

Additional Features / Options       

 Positioning Indicator Guide supplied on all standard units

 This Positioning Guide will assist beekeepers on returning bee frames in the same direction. No longer a concern of returning frames incorrectly back to the hive causing damage to comb or even killing bees. Supplied at no additional price. 

 NEW – Locking Arm Feature (Available on ALL Models)

The Locking Arm is capable of holding all frame designs both wood and plastic regardless of manufacturer.

  • Gives beekeeper the unique ability to lock the frame grip securely onto the bee frame. A simple twist of the clamping knob is all that is required.
  • Once locked the beekeeper can lift, set aside and examine the bee frame without holding the frame grip closed.
  • No longer a concern of losing your grip on the bee frame and it falling to the ground.
  • You can even hold the frame horizontal without the frame slipping injuring bees or damage to comb.
  • Gone are the days constantly squeezing the frame grip closed creating hand strain.

This is an excellent product for mentoring new beekeepers. They can pass around frame without concern of dropping bees.