Company Profile and Mission

The company was founded by David Mosinski and Douglas Victory with the purpose to develop new products or innovate existing products used in the beekeeping industry.  It is imperative our products focus on increasing beekeeper productivity and efficiencies that will also result in improved safety and ergonomically friendly products. It is our mission to vigorously create expert solutions by which offer beekeepers the ability to save time and money while making the life of a beekeeper easier.

Our team consists of our internal employees, a carefully vetted supplier network, handpicked engineers with specific skill sets, assistance by local colleges and universities and especially interface with beekeepers through bee clubs and organizations. Our products will concentrate on features and innovations which solve problems and/or reduce manpower/labor to improve output productivity increase safety be ergonomically friendly whereby exceed customer expectations.

Our motto: DEVELOP PRODUCTS THAT IMPROVE BEEKEEPING reducing the work effort or processes that improve productivity and enjoyment it accomplishes.

We were faced with two major challenges for development of the Little Mule Frame Grip. The first challenge was to design a high quality and durable product suitable for all types of beekeepers from large commercial, sideliners, to hobbyists, with consideration given of the various users from men, women, children and those with limited abilities due to age or physical disabilities. Secondly, to review the various bee frames sold today of both wood and plastic models where tolerances can vary from manufacturer.

The release of the Mule-Grip™ Frame Grip which has received a US Patent does not stop there as the intent of Little Mule Bee Supply, LLC to release a pipeline of new products under various stages of development.

We recently released a new Closed-End Mule-Grip™ Frame Holder that will not allow bee frames to fit or fall through. This product was developed at the request of our customers. The Frame Holder has another feature to allow an easy method to carry and transport frames with its outset handle.

Little Mule Bee Supply, LLC located in central Oklahoma manufactures, distributes and ships products worldwide. We desire to direct product sales through multiple sales outlets focusing on building a distribution network of local bee supply stores and select specialty distributors, and online sales.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please visit our distributor link on our website or contact  (918) 396-8070

Make sure to look for the Little Mule company LOGO marked on each part and/or literature to make sure you are receiving original product.