Company Profile and Mission

Little Mule Bee Supply, LLC. was acquired in Feb 2022 by Dolly and Leonard Rickerman. The acquisition included all physical and intellectual assets including the Mule-Grip™ and Patent.  The Company is headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO with Leonard Rickerman leading operations. The Company also has a Manufacturing and Distribution Center located in Albuquerque, NM which is led by Jack Rickerman. Little Mule Bee Supply, LLC is registered in the State of Colorado and operates with a new wholesale tax certificate and FEIN.

The Company team consists of our internal employees, a carefully vetted supplier network, handpicked engineers with specific skill sets, and in collaboration with fellow beekeepers, bee clubs and related organizations.

The Company is an Original Equipment Manufacturer of high quality beekeeping products that are made in the U.S.A. for the benefit of all beekeepers. The Product line features innovations in beekeeping equipment and is of high quality.

Our motto: Develop high quality products that improve beekeeping experiences for beekeepers of all ages and capabilities.

We take pride in providing high quality and durable products that are suitable for all types of beekeepers from large commercial, sideliners, to hobbyists, with consideration given of the various users from men, women, children and those with limited abilities due to age or physical disabilities.

The Company currently produces both the Mule-Grip™ Frame Grip which has received a US Patent as well as a new Closed-End Mule-Grip™ Frame Holder that will not allow bee frames to fall through. These products were developed at the request of fellow beekeepers.

Innovation does not stop with these products alone, as the intent of Little Mule Bee Supply, LLC is to release a pipeline of new innovative products on a regular basis.

Little Mule Bee Supply, LLC manufactures, distributes and ships products worldwide. Our desire is to direct product sales through multiple sales outlets focusing on building a distribution network of local bee supply stores and select specialty distributors, as well as online sales.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please visit our distributor link on our website or contact us at or call (719) 209-2247

Make sure to look for the Little Mule company LOGO marked on each part and/or literature to make sure you are receiving original product.