Company Values


Committed to providing special unique products for beekeepers with exceptional quality in everything aspect of our company where we further support our communities be a better place in which we live, work and grow.


Little Mull Bee Supply, LLC will continually strive to design and implement products that improve our customer beekeeping needs through providing safe and effective products that exceed expectations while providing more efficient, labor saving methods and products in many facets of the beekeeping industry.


Little Mule Bee Supply, LLC is structured to offer products that create a foundation  for recognition in the industry as a leader of new product applications that improve the lives of beekeepers of all ages and offers value towards your bee colonies.


Little Mule Bee Supply, LLC products are produced and assembled in the USA and pledges to provide the highest quality products available. We have processes in place to ensure 100 percent, defect-free products focusing on all aspects of the attention to detail and thereby dedication to excellent customer satisfaction.