MULE-GRIP™ Development

Our first product is a universal frame grip released under the product and trade name of MULE-GRIP. This product was initially devised due to various problems such as severe hand strain, the ability to securely hold bee frame while handling, where slipping or falling lose of one’s grip if not held tightly. Current designs are difficult to handle especially while inspecting frames. They require constant pressure to hold close and frames can slip free whereby creating soreness of one's hands.

An initial list of what changes were required if a new product was to be developed had to be adjusted through the development phase.  We further went to many beekeepers and asked about their problems with current frame grips/extractors products sold. It did not take long to understand the depth of this problem reaching all ages, sexes and types of beekeepers.

The task begins…Endless hours of design, field testing and user feedback was undertaken to make sure nothing was overlooked. Multiple manufacturers of both wood and plastic bee frames, styles, user preferences, hand sizes, ergonomics of removing bee frames, and even ways to improve and cause less stress on the beekeeper’s hands and wrist. Other concerns such as weather conditions, sunlight heat, cold and how the product is handled from the perspective of men, women and children, type of beekeeper (large and small), even age or disability (strength of grip), (width of grip), and other factors such as frame slipping free while holding and even a method to assist returning frames back to the hive in same direction.

The development (ALPHA) phase proved to be an overwhelming task requiring many hours of testing both in-house and real-life field applications. Several model styles and variations were reviewed. Surprisingly not all frame manufacturers tolerances were the same. Wood frames take on moisture, and warp over time whereas plastic frames top channel varies by style used and per manufacturer.

Our intent was to provide the customer with a product of both excellent function and of superior value to cost relationship.  This goal was successfully accomplished with the assistance of two professional engineering companies, college academia, advice from beekeepers like you on multiple field tests, working through several suppliers making iteration variations of design. In the end the resulting product was dramatically different than we anticipated but offering more features than envisioned. We are more than pleased with the resulting new innovative frame grip and received accolades from numerous sources.

These factors and more helped make MULE-GRIPthe best frame grip/extractor on the market. Made in Oklahoma/USA

We are proud to state the product line has now attained a US Patent.