Company Background

Little Mule Bee Supply initially started as a business relationship between David Mosinski and Douglas Victory with different but complimentary background and skill sets. Douglas Victory is an active beekeeper for several years operating several hives and selling honey and Russian queen bees and hives under the name of “Victory’s Bees”. Through the years he has been concerned and frustrated with equipment available today for the beekeeping community. Most items have a one size fits all or have stayed the same design without change for many years even decades and not adapting to the changing demographics of beekeepers. This brought about several concepts and designs for new or modified products. As Douglas reached out for assistance he was introduced to David Mosinski.

David with intensive business background in all phases of manufacturing/factory operations and distribution operations, sales and marketing of new products. Dave has actively assisted, consulted and mentored businesses in the development of new product designs, improve productivity processes, defining the sales marketplace, marketing and advertisement of products. He holds multiple degrees, several professional certifications and several patents plus taught classes in sales and marketing, contracts and negotiation, International Business/Operations and more at various universities for over a dozen years.

Over time as Douglas and David worked together a friendship developed with respect and mutual accord resulting in Little Mule Bee Supply, LLC. They both recognized the product needs for beekeepers with a long-term vision within its mission.

Below is a picture of Douglas and his longtime companion mule “SHADOW”. Doug’s wife gave the mule his name because she always saw the mule following him around like one’s Shadow.