Company History

Little Mule Bee Supply

The company was originally founded in 2018 by David Mosinski and Douglas Victory with the purpose of developing new products or innovating existing products used in the beekeeping industry.  Both men have different but complimentary backgrounds and skill sets which enabled then to build Little Mule Bee Supply LLC into a very successful and profitable Company along with a strong product line.

Both Dave and Doug mutually decided to sell the Company for various reasons, but most of all to better enjoy time with each of their families. 

Dolly and Leonard are the owners of Rocky Mountain Bee Supply, LLC in Colorado Springs, CO and had previously carried both the Mule-Grip™ Frame Grips and Holders in their store. Due to their loyalty to the brand and knowing the benefit of these products to beekeepers, Dolly and Leonard approached Dave and Doug with the proposition of acquiring Little Mule Bee Supply, LLC.

The stars aligned and the deal was struck. The transfer of ownership proceeded smoothly and Leonard along with his brother Jack have picked up manufacturing and continue to offer both the Mule Frame Holders and Mule Grips at the same high quality standards as before.



Doug Victory is a long time outdoor enthusiast between hunting and fishing and of course beekeeping. A friend offered him a mule several years back and ever since has become a lifelong companion going while hunting and even to the bee hives. Doug's wife noticed the mule always following him around like a shadow. Hence his name SHADOW.

Doug sees the values of his mule in our products. Strong, steadfast, loyal, determined, helpful and of course a bit stubborn. Our company is using the Little Mule to reflect our commitment in the products we sell, the services offered our capability to recognize need, our consistent high level of quality and stubborn to make thing right every time.

Below is a picture of Douglas and his longtime companion mule “SHADOW.