The MULE-GRIPhas multiple configurations for both wood and plastic bee frame foundations. It is sized to easily be used by those with large or small hands and even children and especially helpful to seniors or those with disabilities.

 The standard product includes at no charge a special Frame Positioning Indicator Guide. This visual locator allowing the beekeeper to easily return the bee frames back in the same direction as they were removed reducing damage to comb and bees. A special distinctive feature highly desired by beekeepers.

 Each model is also available with a special designed lock clamping handle/knob. This lock easily closes the frame grip tightly around the bee frame (wood and plastic) allowing the beekeeper to easily examine the bee frame in any direction or angle without gripping the handle closed. You can even set the frame down with the frame grip still attached.

 See the video to give a better description of how this locking feature will make a major difference for working on hives.

 No other product can offer all these features.

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 All Models deliver the same performance. Variations exist to meet the needs of the industry rather than one size fits all.

 Whether you a commercial beekeeper with hundreds of hives or the hobbyist with just a few hives, use only wood bee frames, plastic only or mixed wood and plastic frames this is the product to use.