Care and Maintenance / MULE-GRIP™ Frame Grips

Care and Maintenance of the MULE-GRIP

Your Mule-grip™ requires very little maintenance. It was designed using all stainless-steel materials with a UV rated 6-Flute cellulose acetate resin Hand Grip and Locking-Knob of phenolic plastic thereby capable to last in all types of weather conditions.

Over time, because of how the Frame Grip is used in normal operations propolis may adhere to the grip. This propolis will not harm the unit but can cause a sticky condition and depending where it adheres may prevent the unit to fully spring back to normal operating condition.

We do suggest like any bee tool a simple occasionally cleaning.

  • Most people will simply wipe the frame grip with a clean cloth every few weeks. This will also prevent the propolis from building up or getting too hard which could restrict free movement.
  • Others may wash the MULE-GRIP™ by placing under warm water.
  • Still others may use alcohol which is something that if done special caution is recommended to prevent contamination to your hives. We strongly recommend washing/rinsing afterwards with warm water.
  • No scrubbing should be necessary nor use of a wire brush.

We do not recommend putting the Frame Grip in your dishwasher. It will not hurt the Frame Grip but the detergents may transfer adverse conditions to your hive or bees.

  • If rust deposits appear it is most likely from using Well Water which normally contains high iron. This will not cause the unit to rust but should be wiped off gently to prevent contamination.

Additional Maintenance Issues

  • Do not use the MULE-GRIP for purposes not intended such as prying frames apart or scraping propolis as this could cause scissors to become deformed or misaligned whereby preventing the frame grip from holding frames as designed and void warranty.
    • If scissor tips become bent, simply use pliers, or better, a vice, then very carefully straighten the scissor tip. Use a cloth between the vice or pliers to prevent marking or burrs that may restrict movement.
    • It is important the scissor shape to remain straight and square to operate properly. If for some reason the handles become misaligned, place on a wooden frame, squeeze the handles closed and with a slight twisting motion realign so that the handles are parallel to the bee frame.  This may take a bit of force. Do not remove bolts as this will likely damage threads in the handles and almost impossible to re-tighten without a special holding fixture done at our factory.
    • Do not squeeze the scissor ends together or spread them apart or the scissor function may not work as designed and prevent the the frame grip from holding frames securely.
      • These scissor tips were uniquely designed to hold bee frames and any changes may make your MULE-GRIP™ inoperable.

Any maintenance beyond the scope of basic cleaning and minor adjustment as stated above will void your warranty. This product is to extract bee frames, wood and plastic under normal beekeeping purposes and nothing more.

If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us at or call 719-209-2247

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