F A Q (Frequently Asked Questions) MULE-GRIP™

Most Common Questions...

Why are there multiple units?

Due to preferences that exist by you and other beekeepers it is important not to make one product fit everyone. Today there are two prominent types of bee frames sold. Some beekeepers use wood only frames, others plastic only and there are many with both wood and plastic even in the same bee box or super.

Whereas most frame grips are made to accommodate wood frames only, the new MULE-GRIP™ covers all types of wood and plastic bee frames sold today. Multiple units exist to meet customer desires with expectations to supply superior performance.

If I only have wood frames can I still purchase the wood and plastic model?

Yes, the performance of the wood and plastic model is the same as the wood only or plastic only models. All Wood, Plastic or Universal units are sold at the same price as grouped by locking and non-locking models.

Does the MULE-GRIP require any special care or maintenance?

As with all tools it is best to keep them clean for optimum performance. Propolis can gather on any frame grip which should be removed, or movement will be restricted. This can be done with hot water, or alcohol. No special scrubbing or cleaning is necessary. See section on "Care and Maintenance"

What are some key reasons why this Frame Grip/Extractor is better than its competitors?

This product is very user friendly, taking minimal effort to grasp and fully hold the bee frame tightly. This is accomplished through a double mechanical advantage design unique in the industry. Furthermore, it's design allows easy placement between frames. Once closed the special shaped scissor ends holds the frame firmly in position on multiple sides. For a complete list of the product features refer to our brochures or view the YouTube video on this website.

What is the purpose of the Frame Positioning/Indicator Guide?

It is important to return the bee frame in the same position as it was removed. This will prevent/reduce damage to the comb and even smashing or crushing bees. When removing a frame from the hive it is best to have the guides facing in a manner you can easily detect. This will allow you to return the bee frame without damage. Over time you will become reliant on these Positioning/Indicator guides and help working your hives easier.

If I only would use the Locking Feature occasionally which model should I purchase?

It is understood that the locking feature is not going to be used all the time. However, situations will exist especially during mentoring that you may hand a frame to another person or need to set it aside while you work on other things. This lock will stay on the frame until you turn the knob and release it. 

Finally, for the minimal cost variance from the standard unit to purchase the locking unit it is well worth the price.

Any special training/instructions required for using the MULE-GRIP?

There is no special training necessary. After using the MULE-GRIP for just a brief time the skill, speed and ease will continue to improve beyond what you thought possible. Suggest you refer to the short instruction guide included with the product when shipped to review these procedures.

Why is the product called a MULE-GRIP?

Douglas Victory the company co-owner, has a longtime companion mule called Shadow. As such a mule is inherent with strength, stamina, patient, very tough, intelligent, reliable and sure-footed. Little Mule Bee Supply, LLC relates to these traits as a company and for the products we sell and will develop in years to come.