Frame Holder by Little Mule Bee
Frame Perch will hold frames at any angle
Design Drawing of Frame Holder
Frame Perch by Little Mule Bee
Mule-Grip™ Frame Holder
Closed End Frame Holder
Also works as a Frame Carrier
Little Mule Bee Supply, LLC

Mule-Grip™ Frame Holder - Supports 3 Bee Frames

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Fantastic New Product - An updated and redesigned frame holder. Holds 3 bee frame foundations of wood or plastic or a mix of any style. 

Inspect your hives with this new closed-end design eliminates any concern of frames falling to the ground even if not put in straight. Use a mixture of any style wood or plastic frames. It suspends frames in a rectangular shaped area specifically designed to prevent them from slipping through or pushed over the end.

Fits snug on bee super without concern for lifting upward when removing frames.

Made of durable Stainless-Steel. No gimmicks or shortcuts in design or materials.

Eliminated any issues of contamination to your hive we did not chrome plate or powder coat over concern for potential to chip or peal over time. 

This unit was developed, field tested and approved at the request of our customers.

Plus special benefit: also works as a frame carrier for splits or grafting. See picture.

                        Product is proudly made in Oklahoma / USA.